Board of Directors


Shareholders-higher management meeting

General meeting of senior management of TRANSNEFTIGOVSK-Capital “federal law”

On joint stock companies “and the company’s Charter governs the jurisdiction of the general shareholders ‘ meeting, convocation, procedures and decision-making.

‚Äč-Alignment of objectives with economic interests of shareholders of the company;
-Increase of investment attractiveness of the group for Russian and foreign investors;
-Saving and efficient use of financial resources of shareholders;
-Ensuring equal access to all shareholders in the distribution portion of the net income is distributed through dividends;

-Protection of the interests of all shareholders, including minority shareholders ‘ interests;
-Effective cooperation guides the company from administration and alleged control;
-Setting up a fair and competent management;
-Ensuring the correct balance between transparency and limited group of sensitive commercial information;
-Post on financial and operational work ends with fairness and accuracy.