The storage tanks have a computerized metering system, which allows a quick and accurate establishment of quantity of products stored in the tanks. The quality parameters are controlled by the modern laboratory of the Terminal. Floating roofs mounted in light and heavy oil product and crude oil storage tanks reduce evaporation of oil products and environmental pollution.

The Capacity of crude oil and oil product storage tanks of “TRANSNEFTIGOVSK JSC” in Vladivostok alone totals to 504 500 m3. Each cargo batch is stored in separate storage tanks and is not mixed with others. This allows preserving the initial quantity and quality of products.

Different loading and unloading terminals

Rotterdam has many train loading terminals and two discharging terminals where eight containers can be discharged simultaneously. For maximum flexibility, all rail movements are handled with the company’s.


Our products of operation such as crude oil / Jet Fuel/ fuel oil/ diesel & biodiesel etc.

Our tank farms are located at various industrial zone’s of the Russian federation with four Main tank Farms at VLADIVOSTOK, NOVOROSSIYSK, ST PETERSBURG, MURMANSK OBLAST, designed for receiving, storing and transporting petroleum products of different brands. Our storage tank farm and loading terminals are capable of processing a total of 15.5 Million MT which consists of RGS tanks, CSG Tanks and others.

 Tanks are refilled by railway tanks with petroleum products. Our storage depot provides its own locomotive TGM-2 by railway line which is not shared, with total length of 496 m, suitable for one-way drain inlet railway viaduct for simultaneous discharge of 4 railway tanks. Pumping station for light oil – drain (loading) of oil tank cars and tank trucks.

Fuel-distributing point has the following license to operate:

  • Operation of hazardous production facilities number EV-02-001432.

  • Operation of fire hazardous production facilities.

  • Loading and unloading operations relating to dangerous goods at railway transport.


  • Fuel-distributing point (TRP) is an area that consists of several hectares in the industrial zones and consists of primary and backup tank parks,

  • Drain inlet railroad overpass,

  • Loading of tankers,

  • Pumping station petroleum auxiliary unit with treatment facilities,

  • Administrative and residential buildings and the checkpoint,

  • Storage and release of light oil (hazard class 3 flammable liquids: motor gasoline AI-80, AI- 92, A-95).

    Loading and unloading of railway tanks with petroleum products to our tank farm is carried out by privately owned railway track with total length of 496 m. Our unilateral discharge jetty is equipped with four devices underflow STS-175, SNU-5M. To drain the tanks with bottom openings faulty instrument rack is equipped with 4 risers overflow. 3 laid on a flyover above ground drain collector DU-150. One – to drain the diesel fuel, the second – to drain the gasoline A-80, the third drain A-92, A-95. Collectors are laid down in the direction of the pumping station with a slope of 0.002.


    ​The Jetties of our company are located at the Vladivostok  and Novorossiysk  oil terminal entrance dredged down to 16 m. They can accommodate tankers of 10,000 metric ton up to 100,000 metric ton capacity, with allowable draught down to 12,5 m.
    Marine loading arms on the jetties are not only elements of modern technical design, but a guarantee of safe handling of tanker. Tanker loading rate is up to 2 000 m3 of light oil products, 4 000 m3 of heavy oil products and 3800 m3 of crude oil per hour.